Download || The Last : Naruto the Movie (2014) Hindi Dubbed Download

 The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014) 

Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 6, 2014
Producers: TV Tokyo, Shueisha
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Super Power, Romance, Martial Arts, Shounen
Duration: 1 hr. 52 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Plot:Two years have passed since the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Konohagakure has remained in a state of peace and harmony—until Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hatake notices the moon is dangerously approaching the Earth, posing the threat of planetary ruin.

Amidst the grave ordeal, the Konoha is invaded by a new evil, Toneri Oosutuski, who suddenly abducts Hinata Hyuuga's little sister Hanabi. Kakashi dispatches a skilled ninja team comprised of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Shikamaru Nara, Sai, and Hinata in an effort to rescue Hanabi from the diabolical clutches of Toneri. However, during their mission, the team faces several obstacles that challenge them, foiling their efforts.

With her abduction, the relationships the team share with one another are tested, and with the world reaching the brink of destruction, they must race against time to ensure the safety of their planet. Meanwhile, as the battle ensues, Naruto is driven to fight for something greater than he has ever imagined—love.

User Review:A huge disappointment!

I have been a Naruto fan for ages and I have to say a HUGE Naruto fan. But there is one thing I cannot accept...when the author turns everything you like about the show to dust.

This movie is set somewhere after the last manga chapter (By the way, didn't like the ending either.). Naruto is like a star in Konoha. Everybody loves him, he has a lot of fans, especially among young girls. This part was beautiful, I have to admit. I really enjoyed the feels when watching Naruto and his “Will of Fire” after all the suffering he had to go through. It was also nice to see all the other characters, especially Kakashi as a hokage looks so epic! And the intro where they summarized the whole story in an awesome ink-like animation was so amazing!

Unfortunately, that's all. The rest of the film is not worth watching. You know, something is probably wrong when scenes that are supposed to be sad or dramatic makes you laugh. I found the whole plot really ridiculous and stupid. It had such a filler-like atmosphere. Some random villain comes here to marry Hinata and the Moon falls on the Earth to destroy it. Seriously?

Plus most of the film is just about Hinata dealing with her love for Naruto and everybody forcing Naruto to understand what love is, to make her happy. Is Naruto soap opera or what? I don't mind romance in anime but this romance was so ridiculous and kinda forced or how to say that. I am not sure what to think about the intentions of the author. It was like “Umm now let's add a cool fight who? Well let's make someone random up aaand let's bring romance again, never mind just place there Hinata and her shy face, that's enough.”

So the result? If it wasn't Naruto I would probably say it was an interesting movie, not memorable but not bad. The thing is that it is Naruto after all. It was supposed to be the last movie that closes one era in Naruto universe. It brought us a filler with a childish plot and distorted characters form the original anime instead.

I expected more, much more dattebayo!

Download || The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014) Hindi Dubbed Download


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