Download || The Misfit of Demon King Academy Anime Hindi Dubbed Season 1

Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2020, to Sep 26, 2020
Premiered: Summer 2020
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:30 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Kadokawa
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Themes: Demons, School
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Plot: In the distant past, a war between humans and demons brought about widespread chaos and bloodshed. To put an end to this seemingly endless conflict, Demon King Anos Voldigoad willingly sacrificed his life, hoping to be reborn in a peaceful future.

In preparation for their king's return, the demon race created the Demon King Academy, an elite institution tasked with determining Anos' identity when he reawakens. He reincarnates two millennia later, but to his surprise, he soon learns that the level of magic in the world has drastically waned during his absence. Moreover, when he enrolls at the academy to reclaim his rightful title, he finds out that demonkind remembers him differently. His personality, his deeds, and even his legacy are all falsified—masked beneath the name of an impostor. This "lack" of common knowledge renders him the academy's outlier—a misfit never before seen in history.

Despite these drawbacks, Anos remains unfazed. As he sets out to uncover those altering his glorious past, he takes it upon himself to make his descendants recognize that their ruler has finally returned.

User Review: How often do you get a good night's sleep?

I never get the sleep I deserve. After watching so many bad anime, I stay up all night tossing and turning in bed. A lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety, weight gain, etc. No sleep medication has helped me. Melatonin, Benadryl, Trazadone, even horse-tranquilizers. Nothing worked... until now. I finally found the cure for insomnia, and its name is The Misfit of Demon King Academy.

Hi, I'm RebelPanda and I've made it my job to ensure YOU get the good night's sleep you deserve.

Just turn on an episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy and you'll feel drowsy in seconds! No anime has made me fall asleep faster since Kenja no Mago! It blends every generic power-fantasy anime trope into a single episode. Remarkable! There are no stakes, no one can die, there is infinite plot armor, and the visuals are fucking awful! Magic circles are thrown across the screen with photoshop, CGI fire is copy-pasted ontop of hideous background art, and all the character art is overexposed. The premise has been done hundreds of times, which is what makes it so effective. You'll never need to count sheep again after you watch this.

The demon king Anos Voldigoad fought a 2,000-year war in a non-descript medieval world, but he became so bored that he let his archrival kill him! So relatable! Watching his backstory made me want to die of boredom too! 2,000 years later, Anos is reincarnated as a baby to marry a couple of 14-year-old girls. And they're also... his ancestors!? Don't bother calling the FBI, they'll just fall asleep too! He's perfect. So of course, he does not develop at all. Even though he murdered thousands of people, he never needs to reconcile that. Thankfully they didn't forget the most important trope; every woman irrationally loves him! I can't blame them. Who wouldn't love this man? He's so charismatic, rebellious, kind, confident, handsome, attractive—oh dear, look at me. I'm in love with Anos too!

You deserve a good night's sleep. For the small price of $79.99, you can sleep for 2,000 years, just like Anos! Reduce stress, improve concentration, and get an eternal slumber. Call 1-800-420-ANOS for your very own subscription! If you don't like it, which is impossible because Anos is perfect, we will give you your money back. Call now and we'll throw in the soundtrack (free stock music) for no extra charge! Side effects may include cringe, drowsiness, and in rare cases...


As of September 26th, I have been watching The Misfit of Demon Academy for 13 weeks. Now I only watch one episode a week, but it has changed me irrevocably. This anime haunts my vision, night after night, all I see is Anos violently slaughtering his classmates with a heartbeat. With a flick of his finger or a heartbeat. They instantly explode in a burst of blood, then he reincarnates them. No one ever dies. There are no stakes.
Everything that happens in the world gratifies him. Anos even has his own Fanclub of girls who pray to him like he's a God. Even though his harem of a dozen women has powers, they are useless compared to him. He ALWAYS saves them. Now I just need him to save me too. I can't get this shit out of my head. I can't get out of bed. I'm dependent on this awful anime to function. I thought if I watched more it would make me stay awake. But the more I watch it, the more I wish I could fall asleep.

People said this anime is satire because it cuts out all the typical power fantasy bullshit. It doesn't waste time pretending to be deeper than it is. Except, that isn't satire. It isn't subverting anything. It is all the same. The main character is overpowered, all of the girls love him, there's a tsundere, all of the villains are evil for the sake of it. I can't for the life of me understand how someone who disliked Kenja no Mago or Isekai wa Smartphone would like this. If you want pure power fantasy injected straight into your veins, watch this. You will love it. Anyone who watches this show with their brain turned on will realize it's fucking garbage.

Once being reincarnated, Anos discovers that hybrid demons like him are an oppressed race. They are subservient to pureblood demons. Anos' fan club/idol group sings a song to empower the hybrid race, to protest their oppressors. Except, the hybrids tell the purebloods to "Know your place," which doesn't combat discrimination. It only replaces it with more racism. Good job! Anos Voldigoad ended racism with more racism! Anos tries to be funny, but all of his jokes fall flat. He always sounds bored and his face never changes. It's like he has a full-house, and he needs to make a poker face. Everyone loves him, he is endlessly powerful, and he slaughters foes with no effort. He pauses after a one-liner like he's waiting for the audience to applaud or laugh. Whoever wrote this light novel needs to not write comedy anymore. I'm sorry your parents never said you're not funny. You unironically wrote a story that congratulates narcissism and racism. This is one of the most shallow, illogical, and condescending anime I've ever watched. Now, where's my apology?

The Misfit of Demon King Academy made me exhausted. My life has been ruined because I sleep so much. I've tried to stop watching, but if I skip an episode, I can't fall asleep for the rest of the week. Attempting to stop watching it cold turkey caused me to feel extreme withdrawal. My heart races, my ears ring, I get constant migraines, and I violently vomit. I feel like worms are chewing through my mind. I cannot describe how much I hate this show. Don't make the same mistake I did. Watching The Misfit of Demon King Academy is so bad it will literally rot your brain.

Download || The Misfit of Demon King Academy  Hindi Dubbed 


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