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 Tonikaku Kawaii Hindi Dubbed

Anime Series Info

Name: TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

Season No: 01

Running time: 24min

Release Year: 2020

Language: Hindi {FanDub}

Quality:  720p HD | 480p

Synopsis:Nasa Yuzaki is determined to leave his name in the history books. Ranking first in the national mock exam and aiming for a distinguished high school, he is certain that he has his whole life mapped out. However, fate is a fickle mistress. On his way home one snowy evening, Nasa's eyes fall upon a peerless beauty across the street. Bewitched, Nasa tries to approach her—only to get blindsided by an oncoming truck.

Thankfully, his life is spared due to the girl's swift action. Bleeding by the side of an ambulance, he watches as the girl walks away under the moonlight—reminiscent of Princess Kaguya leaving for the moon. Refusing to let this chance meeting end, he forces his crippled body to chase after her and asks her out. Surprised by his foolhardiness and pure resolve, the girl accepts his confession under a single condition: they can only be together if he marries her!

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Download || Tonikaku Kawaii Hindi Dubbed

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User Review : After all of those romance anime with unnecessary dramas in the last years (especially that dumpster fire called Rent-A-Girlfriend), Tonikaku Kawaii came like a blessing from the sky. It doesn't have any crappy love triangles, forced drama, or unnecessary side characters. It's just about two young people who recently married with a quick decision. There is a little bit of comedy, but the main focus is mostly the romance between our main characters: Nasa and Tsukasa. Well, if you watched a good amount of romance anime, it can sound like an empty show, and you are mostly right. Tonikaku Kawaii is an empty show, but the show itself also knows this and using this emptiness for being an iyashikei. Except for comedy moments that are filled with pop-culture references, it mostly has a chill atmosphere where our couple gets closer to each other.

Thanks to the wholesomeness of our couple, these chill romance scenes have great execution. Nasa and Tsukasa are an endearing couple, and almost every romantic moment between them is heart-warming. Since they don't know each other that much, they can be very embarrassed in some moments, but when it comes to climax scenes, this show doesn't have cliché scenes like someone accidentally walks into the scene. It always goes all the way without hesitation.

Our characters also are very different than your usual romance anime. Nasa can look like a stereotype dense MC, but he is actually very proactive in romance scenes. Tsukasa is also not like a stereotypical anime female, but she has a lot of different moods. She can look like a sassy ojou-sama who likes to tease the male main character in the beginning, but as the episodes progress, she shows her different sides. She is sometimes sassy, sometimes shy, sometimes chill, and sometimes proactive. They make a good couple with both of their wholesomeness and not being one-dimensional characters.

However, I can't say the same thing for the supporting cast. Most of them are one-dimensional stereotyped characters, but this is not a very bad thing since they don't have screen times as much as the main couple.

In summary, Tonikaku Kawaii has a chill and heart-warming story with wholesome and well-written characters. Now let's look at the bad side of the anime: Art quality.

Tonikaku Kawaii was animated by studio Seven Arcs. This studio also animated Arte in 2020, and just like Arte, Tonikaku Kawaii really sucks at the art department. I won't mumble about animation quality here because when it comes to shows like Tonikaku Kawaii, I care about the atmosphere and drawing quality more. However, the drawing quality is not any good, and it's not like characters have bad drawings, but backgrounds are good. The poor quality of the drawings covers the whole anime as if it's like a low-budget h-anime (I had to control if the studio's name is "Seven" instead of Seven Arcs while watching the show). And, even with its bad art quality, it has inconsistent drawings. Character drawings are pretty normal in some episodes; their eyes are in the right shape, their mouths don't have any weird placement, etc. However, in some episodes, you get unsymmetrical character faces. Some can say this is because there is a pandemic going on, but I'm not sure we would get any better art quality than the current one even without the covid.

The art quality of Tonikaku Kawaii is a complete disaster, but at least the sound department has something good to offer.

First of all, the voice actings are amazing. We have many talented VAs in Tonikaku Kawaii, such as; Junya Enoki (Nasa), Akari Kitou (Tsukasa), Konomi Kohara (Chitose), and Sumire Uesaka (Aya). And all of them did a great job in their roles... Actually, not all of them. Junya Enoki's (Itadori Yuuji, Child Shin from Dorohedoro, Takezou Kurata, Pannacotta Fugo, etc.) performance as Nasa Yuzaki is pretty weak. He can sound okay in the first, but Nasa's voice starts to get annoying as the episodes progress. However, that's the only weak voice acting performance in the show.

Just like voice actings, OSTs are really good too. There are many different types of soundtracks, such as; very cartoonish, thrilling, exciting, relaxing, etc., and they're all pretty good. However, they are not at the forefront in most of the scenes, and this is a bit underwhelming.

To conclude, Tonikaku Kawaii is a good iyashikei-romance show with a nice main couple. It has some problems in the art department, but at least the soundtracks and voice actings are great.

Its take on romance isn't the most realistic one, but that take was the one I needed after watching too many bad romance shows with unnecessary dramas, dense MCs and stereotyped main girls.


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